Me & the Dragon

it's not your fault I'm a bitch, I'm a monster yes, I'm a beast, and I feast when I conquer


Beasts in the dark

It’s really crazy, how like, toxicjayhoo and I have only met in person like 3 times but yet we are so comfortable with each other we can sit in companionable silence as we both look at tumblr while we sit on the couch. Like we don’t feel like we have to try to entertain each other, our company is enough.

It feels so natural and awesome I love my baby butthole Jayhoooo ❀️❀️

ask-an-mra-anything9 asked: hey, i have a quick question- do you really think you can win? if the world is becoming more and more anti-circumcision. more and more men are waking up to what was done to them, and are getting angrier and angrier. soon there will be millions of furious men, angry at having their genitals mutilation. do you worry about how feminism will survive that time? when they march down the streets in anger? what will you say when that time confronts you? what will your excuse be?



I’m strongly against infant and non-consensual circumcision.

I’ve said it, again and again.

I’ve said it so many times, publicly and in private messages to you.

But you don’t even give a shit how I feel on the issue, because the only thing you care about more than ending circumcision is harassing feminists.

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